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Episode 3: Priorities in Insolvency

In this episode, Dr Tribe, Dr Goldman and myself are joined by Dr Christopher Symes, who is Professor of Law at Adelaide Law School. Christopher discusses his thesis work on the history of statutory priorities in insolvency, which he subsequently published as a book ‘Statutory Priorities in Corporate Insolvency Law‘. We discuss the development of statutory priorities in Australian and UK insolvency law, focusing particularly on employee entitlements and the priority of tax authorities. We also consider what new priorities might be included in the future.

Themes discussed in this episode

  • Introducing Christopher Symes’ PhD work: 1:59min
  • The history of priorities in insolvency: 8:51min
  • The priority of employees: 17:31min
  • The Fair Entitlements Guarantee regime: 26:26min
  • Employees and contractors: 29:08min
  • The protection of employee entitlements in the UK: 35:35min
  • The FEG Active Creditor program: 36:34min
  • Tax priority: 44.59min
  • Priorities in the UK: 1hr 3:44min
  • Quasi-security and priorities: 1hr 5:44min
  • Reconsidering priorities in insolvency: 1hr 11:19min
  • Metaphors for insolvency: 1hr 14:37min


References discussed in the episode

The FEG Active Creditor program

Football creditor rule in the UK